Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I exactly don’t remember the source but either I’ve heard in some seminar or read it in some historical book that before formation of Hizbollah when our ulamas were struggling to build awareness among Lebanese Shias in specific, and people of Lebanon in general the best source they used was Majalis/Azadari programs during Muharram-ul-Haram. The speaker/author further mentioned that there was a time when before starting of Muharram, group of ulamas use to arrange special sessions with all the speakers of Lebanon who were nominated to speak in Majalis at different venues, ulamas use to select different topics for them according to that vicinity. Thousands of shia sect followers gather in majalis during this holy month and when every person was listening to same agenda, same idea, same movement, same revolutionized speeches, entire Lebanese society started to respond in favor of this movement. We all know the achievement of Hizbollah, behind this huge success the biggest role was of Azadari-e-Imam Hussain(a.s.).

This was just a short extract from history but after knowing it, I started wondering that Azadari-e-Syedushuhada (a.s.) is not just mourning on incident of Karbala, it is much more than that. Although this blog site is labeled as a fantasy blog by few brothers and sisters but several thoughts ran through our mind which needs some satisfactory answer. Like, after reading the above extract the first and obvious question is are we getting 100% from azadari-e-Imam Hussain? No doubt that core outcome should be mourning and matam on Imam Hussain (a.s.) and his household and we are doing it at good level but there CAN BE couple of different upshot from azadari-e-Imam.

I know it will be the most illogical statement if I say that there should be a group of people based on Ulamas and representative of Marajs who can guide all the speakers of Pakistan in selecting their matter every year, this statement will be labeled as a biggest fantasy of this blog but do we have any other choices to get value added benefits from Ashra-e-Majalis? As I mentioned that main and core motive of Azadari is to condole Janab-e-Syeda (s.a.) and Imam-e-Zamana (a.t.f.s) but other than that our Majalis should be source of character and personality building. At the very least can’t we start on this level that if there are two imambargahs or majalis venue in one area they should coordinate in a way that voice on loud speaker do not coincide? When niaz is distributed after majlis or in juloos the honor and respect of food which is given in the name of Imam Hussain (a.s.) is not spoiled? The noha CDs and cassettes which are released every year should remain nohas which are in honor and remembrance of the biggest tragedy of this universe and dignity of nohas are not hurted? Program of shab-e-dari should be organized with all due respect and there should be distinction between a normal get together and a program which is organized in the name of Ahlebait. Sabeels in the name of Bibi Sakina should not be a friends meeting place with all the abusive languages and immoral acts. When you are driving in a car with your family to attend a majlis, it should be different from an entertainment drive or going to a picnic spot with all luxuries. Is there any need to mention the disciplinary level in our juloos? You know it very well. We must understand that everything from niaz to majlis, nohas, shabedari, sabeel etc. is done in the name of Mazloom who was martyred in a desert with his kids and companions who were hungry and thirsty for three days. We should change our attitude and life style atleast for 10 days. Can’t we??

Mashallah all momineen participate in every program in their reach but if you witness Ashura juloos and compare it with Chehlum juloos you’ll find a huge difference. Chehlum is not a public holiday then too the participation in juloos is in hundred-thousand and Ashura which is public holiday and is of more importance, participation is in thousands only and till evening it remains just couple thousand, this is because there are several different programs by different organizations and people are divided where as on chehlum mostly people participate in MARKAZI juloos.

Dear readers, kindly permit me for atleast one fantasy as usual, if I think that on the day of Ashura, on the street of Karachi during markazi juloos, more than two hundred thousand people are offering namaz-e-Zuhur and after namaz, 15 minutes of masaib-e-Imam and then a huge matamdari where two hundred thousand people are performing matam with one voice and one rhythm ….

This fantasy came true on the streets of Turkey where the quoted figure was 5 hundred thousand people who performed matamdari on the day of Janab-e-Syedda (s.a). Unfortunately we don’t have any leader in our country like Imam Khomeni that on his funeral millons of people were gathered, we don’t have any leader like Ayatullah Khamenai where hundred-thousand people gather during his speech in Friday prayers, we don’t have any leader like Syed Hasan Nasrullah that we respond on his one call and millions are gathered on street of Lebanon ….. We just have azadari, can’t we show our strength and unity to entire world on the day of Ashura were millions of people are gathered with one motive and one voice LABAIK YA HUSSAIN LABAIK YA HUSSAIN


  1. well said! but believe me nothing will change, hum jahil hain aur jahil rahangay

  2. Very good thoughts brother. Your blog itself shows that there is light behind the tunnel and displays the change in approach to our Majalis in a very positive way. We all should strive at individual level to acheive the goals of our Aimma and this one individual will make a society. as some poet very rightly said:
    Main akela hi chala tha janib-e-manzil magar
    Log saath hote gaye karwaan banta gaya.
    (Sorry, if there is any mistake).
    May Allah guide us to keep up to His expectations and propogate the divine message of Kerbala this year.
    Keep doing the good work.

  3. I agree with Mr. Abedi that there is no issues with the points you've mentioned and we shld not lose hope. Things are getting better with time for example there was a time when women were also going in juloos without proper hijab, several maulanas focused on that point in past years and eventually the numbers are now reducing. As for the other issues you have mentioned, i think the speakers should highlight these issues in their speeches and inshallah things will get better.

  4. jub tak azadari ko sirf paise kamanay ke liye use kerte raheen gay yeh molvi kuch bhi sahi nahi honay wala.

    inn sub ko sirf yeh hai ke Ali Ali keroo aur note kamaooo kisi ko iss ssee koi garz nahi ke public kuch seekhtee hai ke nahi. Ek baar awam mey naam hogaya ke woh molvi acha hai phir america aur canada ke tour shoro.

    yehe haal humaray nauha khawan ka hai, aise poster nikaltay hain ke kisi indian film ke kia hoongay. Azadari ko sirf ek rasam bana ke rakh dia hai.

  5. nice thoughts.. or i would say dream
    its not wrong to dream, atleast it gives u hope. according to mr abedi there's the light behind the tunnel.. but dear do check is this light of an incoming train which will crush this dream???

    i agree with zaki.. for most of mulla and nauha walay its a season to earn money for the whole year.. and regular tours as incentives.. next free or paid hajj and ziyarat as bonus..

    what ever the author said is an ideal case, but we don't deserve it. its our mistake that these who sells islam are doing great business. btw do u see any mulla in jaloos?? and any nauha wala sitting for the whole majlis?? jis ka jo profession hai woh usi time ke liye aata hai and back to home or other location.. very busy schedule :P

    the niaz point which author rose is the best thing... we all have noticed how much they (water and food both) are wasted. itna pani karbela mein mil jata to result kuch aur hi hota.

    comparing our mullas with great leaders is unfair, here these mulla fights for time, place, mics.. etc., and best of all these organizers... why don't they arrange single majlis at a time... why they want to distribute public by organizing majlis at same time in same vacinity.. zaroori hai ke sab ke ghar majlis ho.. ek jaga pool in kar ke nahi karsakte achi majlis where all can gather and help to fulfill author's dream of hundred thousand people.

    changing attitude for 10 days se kuch nahi hona.. 30 days ramzan se faraq parta nahi.. 10 days moharram se ghanta faraq parega..
    change karna hai to point out and bycott those black sheeps in our community either they are mulla, organizer, nauha khawan, etc etc, who are spoiling the name of islam and azadari. then only this dream can come true, as here to everyone want to be a leader, or i would say khalifa..

    lage raho bhaio

  6. Just a quick comment: Azadari-e-Imam was always a wrapper for bigger and better things. Azadari is the means to the goal and not the goal itself. Azadari was created by Allah to ensure that the message HE sent wouldn't be lost. If we had no Azadari, it would've been long forgotten. A clear proof of that is the fact that there may be people who don't believe in 12th Imam but still respect Azadari. Even those who aren't Shia will remember it no matter what.

    If you want to read more, read some of Ustad Murtuza Muthayri Shaheed's books. You'll see he has clearly defined why Azadari and how Azadari.

  7. a question for fayyaz:

    what we do is azadari?
    do Allah wants this azadari?
    is this the proper way?

    nobody here is against azadari, all are commenting on the way we do azadari, these days its only a religious rasam. 10 - 12 din khoob cry karo, khoob peetao and later on weekends shab-e-dari, where peetnay ki paisay do anjumano ko, in the name of travel allowance.
    is it necessary to call every known anjuman in the shab-e-dari... only area ki anjuman akay matam dari karay.

    but no its not the case if well known anjuman nahi ayegi to shab-e-dari mein public nahi hogi. so shab-e-dari success kaisay hogi.

    and after 2 months 8 days.. same life,
    is this the way allah wants or is this allah's message what he want to give?

    for me azadari should happen but our way is not correct for it.

  8. what a point you rose about shab-e-dari and anjuman.
    even i always think ke if somebody in my close relatives dies, and some far relative have a majlis at his place, why don't he pay me for coming there and attending??

    for us imam hussain and alebhait are fatherly figure for us... so to cry on his martydom why we need to pay travel allowance to them?? doesn't imam hussain the same for him as for us.

    doesn't these anjuman made thousands of rupees from the cassette they launched, they they afford bus fare from it??

    or again as stated by anonymous and zaki, its one way to make more money???

  9. Dear brothers instead of criticizing we should see our faults also. If you are saying that molvis just do Ali Ali and earn money and people are not getting anything from their majlis then my question to you guys is WHY IN THE NAME OF GOD YOU PPL GO THERE TO LISTEN THAT MOLVI??? You ppl are also not willing to go to some small mehfil where you know that a sensible and knowledgeable person is reciting majlis who has all qualifications to sit on a mimbar but the fact is there will be only 40 persons in that majlis where as a person who is just doing ALI ALI is have crowd of 40,000 persons .. whos fault is this yours or that molvi? Is he coming to your home to take you to his majlis? My brothers true fact is you guys also enjoy to go into his majlis where crowd is of 40,000 and you are gaining nothing

    Same is the case with Nauha Khuwans, if some nauha khuwan is releasing a fancy and movie style poster, why are you ppl purchasing his DVDs, reason is you also enjoy listening to that song styled nauhas.

    Just admit your faults also. If some speaker is no. 1 speaker today with no knowledge and if some nauha khawan is in top ranking which he does not deserve, who made them what they are today??

    It’s you and only you

  10. very well said aliya, many of our alims who are studying in Qum comes for ashra-e-muharram but unfortunately the listeners are 50-60 ppl because he is not reciting at any markazi spot nor he is doing ali ali and tabarra all the time, these brothers who are against ali ali type molvis why they do not come to attend majlis of these genuine alim

  11. Nice article! The point mentioned by author regarding indiscipline in our juloos is very true. Every year when I participate in juloos the most annoying thing which I feel is that there is no order of juloos, one matami group is passing and there is no other group behind. People are walking in juloos as if they are walking on a beach. No one is following any schedule. Jis group ke jub marzi hoti hai rook jata hai aur jub dil chahta hai agay barta hai. Aur yeh baat bilkul correct hai ke till evening just few groups are left on Ashura aur woh bhi becharay hamaray baltistani aur hazara ke bhai hotay hain, Karachi ke anjuman ka tu pata bhi nahi hota.

    I agree this should be changed and juloos should be taken out with rules and regulations and all groups should follow it


  12. Aliya,

    Best point of view I listen ever !!!

  13. That's true that sabeels and trucks are source of entertainmet for youngsters and shab-e-dari is also not observed in proper way but in my view instead of stopping things we should work for its betterment

  14. Dear Mominieen,

    With all those flaws in Majalis and Azadari, which were mentioned earlier, believe me it is helping all of us big time. Those who do not like us to do majalis and azadaris are very frustrated by seeing large crowd gathered all over the world, just to give pursa to bibi syeda for the great sacrifice her whole family has given in Karbala.


  15. Dear Ali,
    No one is against large crowd and Azadari and Majlis. Here we are discussing that what if we can overcome our flaws. For example 100s and 1000s of people are gathered for a majlis and to give pursa to bibi syeda and suddenly you see that group of ppl are sitting in a sabeel and using abusive languages and for example if someone is distributing niaz and it is distributed in very un organized way, ppl are jumping all around him for niaz, will it look good?

  16. I learnt from Hussain, how to be oppressed yet victorious".

    Mahatma Gandhi

  17. Very good blog brother/sister, thanks a lot